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Tint Slip 4oz sample


Tint Slip 4oz sample
Tint Slip 4oz sample

Made in the USA!

Introducing TintSLIP, Geoshields new all-in-one mounting solution. TintSLIP is designed for
use on any adhesive and materials. It can be used as both a prepping cleaner and mounting solution. It is safe to use on all window-films, PPF, vinyl, paint protection films, CDA, CDF and PS adhesives. Following our conservative mixing ratios, you will not only save money compared to other brands and soaps used today but have outstanding results, as it breaks the surface tension greatly allowing the film to bond to the substrate and promote faster curing times.

For professional results, please use filtered or deionized water when mixing mounting solution. This prevents unnecessary minerals and chemicals to interfere with the curing of the materials or adhesives.