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8Mil Clear Safety Film

8Mil Clear Safety Film

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The Geoshield Clear Safety 8mil Window Film is made from premium-grade materials, including a high-quality polyester weatherable film and a pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures optimal bonding to glass surfaces. The 8mil thickness of the film provides exceptional protection against impact, making it an ideal solution for applications that require enhanced safety and security.

This new product is ideal for use in schools, government buildings, healthcare facilities, and other high-risk environments, when .5 inch anchored to frame with Dow 995 or structural silicone glazing. It provides exceptional protection against forced entry, vandalism, and accidental breakage, weather events, while also reducing the risk of injury from flying glass shards.

The Geoshield Clear Safety 8mil Window Film also offers other benefits such as UV protection. The clear, transparent film allows for maximum light transmission and maintains the natural appearance of the glass.

Performance Data *Mil Clear Safety
2 ply / 8 mil / PS Adhesive
· VLT % - 86%
· Solar Transmission - 78
· Solar Absorption - 14
· Solar Reflectance - 8
· VLR % Interior - 9
· VLR % Exterior - 9
· U-Value 1.05
· UV Rejection % - 99
· TSER % - 20

 *Please note: We do not offer refunds for any reason on rolls that have been custom cut. Thank you

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